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Studio V fashions – Classy & Trendy Shopping Destination in Jaipur

Get dressed like a star ! flaunt the best of couture & styling ! Studio V fashions is a boutique for clothes & fashion accessories run by Vinita Sharma. She has to her credit  a advance diploma in Fashion designing. When she asked what fashion mean to her? Vinita says:” Fashion mean everything to me ,Right from childhood. I love dressing up & now as a profession I have taken to dressing up to others in my designs.

              Studio V Fashions caters to all those looking for an outfit they can wear on an occasssion of importance. It is a place where in clothes are stitched according customers preferences. Second level it is also a retail store, From Indian to western. And fashion accessories like bags, cluthes are handmade, in several colours & in various styles ,handmade jewwllery in beads, gotapatti, pearls immetation jewellery etc are also available. This boutique prices started @ 500/- to above…….

                               Studio V fashoions has also participated  in lifestyle exhibitions & fashion shows as designer. She belives Jaipur as a market has great potential & styling. She also looking up to others designers store.  Appericiate & inspire to their designs & colours. She is proud to own a store that not only specializes in stitching but also keep up with the changing trends & demands.


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