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Grand finale of MISS & MRS INDIA PACIFIC 2019 held at hotel Sahara star Mumbai

Mumbai | Beauty has no boundaries. Either you are miss or  Mrs….. it just a simplest attitude you should carry and explore. The grand finale of Miss & Mrs  India Pacific 2019 on 11th February at hotel Sahara star has witness same. The event was attended by many of celebrities from different media world from media, Bollywood, advertising, producers and directors of TV serials and cinema. The list of esteem jury members where :

• Smruti Panchal  ( Mrs Universe)
• Sabyasachi satpati ( Bollywood celebrity & fashion Icon)
• Dr Dharmendar Pradhan ( Chairman HIV aid aids foundation)
• Anupama Aganihotri ( Bollywood heroine)
• Mrs Manya bhatacharya 
Famous celebrities who witnessed the event were : 
• Yogesh Lakhani ( Bright outdoor media)
•Pankaj berry ( Great TV serial artist)
•Sunil Pal ( Very famous comedian)
•Sudip Pandy ( Bollywood hero )
•Divya Agarwal ( Bollywood heroine)
• Shah Ali
And many more.
The Pageant finale was very competitive and tough among all Jury members to justify the winners in three different categories. 
The most interesting part of this beauty pageant was there where three days grooming at one of the prime resort. They groom there all contestants for three days from expert groomer for finale  like personality development,  Motivational speech, self confidence,  self defence and fashion choreography, so contestants who participated in this pageant they them self realise and experience the total transformation in there over all personality and feel the self confidence in own.
One of the contestant in this pageant was bed written since last thee years till last year, doctors already told her that she can’t stand and walk any more because of her severe arthritis problem but her courage and fight back spirit make it possible for her to walk on ramp. she has taken the part in this pageant and stood 2nd runners up in classics category. So we don’t only see the external beauty but also admire internal beauty and believe in women’s empowerment.
Smruti panchal the owner of ‘ss associates’ present Miss & Mrs India Pacific has won many title and brought a Mrs. UNIVERSE  award 2018 last year to India.
This is not the least list of her awards and hiting up on beauty pageants as style icon.. She has also acquired the *
Mrs Asia International,
• Mrs. India earth 2007.  •Mrs Bharat Icon 2017. •Top model India 2015. •Maharashtra ratna purskar 2005,  • •Maharashtra gaurav puraskar 2006, 
• 21st century vastu and fengshui award 2006.
• Vastu pride of India 2007.
Pursuing her career in fengshui, with the support of beloved ones she landed into this field of glamour and grooming. Here she enjoys her new journey a lot. Currently the model and beauty organizes various beauty pageants to being the support of not so empowered woman and bring them into limelight. She also runs the NGO named ‘Swavalamban’ for the women empowerment. 
She is beauty and fitness icon who can mesmerised her followers through her beauty. Grooming expert believes that, ‘every woman should respect her beauty with Brain ; because its the only place where you stay.

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