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Akshay Tholia -The passionate trainer who followed his dream

There is no one right way to get inspiration. It is deeply personal and derives from what is important to and what drives you. But no matter where you find it, it is often an integral part of what keeps you going ,even in tougher times.

Akshay Tholia is a leader in Apparel & Textile training from India who followed his passion with only one motto which is to  train textile and fashion community on fabrics with the innovative methods . To achieve his aim he did a very humble beginning by founding SARV International , a venture who trains to  and publishes innovative publications for fashion and textile community

In today’s fast moving world, the only thing that is constant is neck and neck  competition where everyone is contending to excel in the race of achievement. In this scenario , there are two kinds of people: leaders and followers. The followers go along with the trend, unlike the leaders who carve their own track, map their own road and embark on a journey of success. Akshay Tholia is one person who followed his dream and made a difference .
In a  candid with us , Akshay Tholia discusses about his journey, work and  future aspirations.

Question  : Your venture SARV International is very unique in its approach . Please tell us in detail about this venture.

Answer : SARV International’s core lies into Learning & Development. We bridge gap between the academic studies and industry needs by providing innovative publications in fabrics and conducting excellent workshops in the field of Textiles, Testing, Quality, Inspection, Apparels, Productivity, Fashion and Retail which cover entire value chain from Fiber to Fashion Retail. We are in our tenth year and have got tremendous response from Industry ,Institutes and entrepreneurs from Indian –Sub Continent.

Question  : You author Live Books on Fabrics which is not only a creative work but also a very user friendly publication. What inspired you to come up with such innovative books .

Answer : I am a passionate trainer  and I don’t leave any stone unturned in making my training a success.   In my career, while working at NIFT and later at SGS India as Training Head, I realised the need of books and publications which can make learning live and experiential.  To meet my training requirement, I used to carry huge bags of various fabrics and developments so that understanding would be more practical and live in nature . This need of fabrics  generated an idea to club the fabrics with books itself that can make learning simple and user-friendly . Our publications are reflections of the same.

Question   : How are you changing teaching and training practices on fabric studies specific to Indian Institutes ?

Answer  In India , the major drawback lies in the learning process. Students who is pursuing the fashion and textile courses  do not get the ample amount of commercial fabrics which he should have at the time of studies .As ,we do have strong network with the industries and create innovative fabrics swatch kits with the latest developments that make the learner comfortable and  easy -access to the latest development by our up-to –date textile and fabric swatch kits .

Question : Your work seems passion driven rather than money driven which is   noble . What are your future ambitions ?

Answer  : The idea of SARV International is to work as a Knowledge Hub in its own forte for all the stake holders of the Industry and institutes across the globe. As of now we do conduct workshops in India, Sri Lanka , Bangladesh and Nepal but down the line we have plans to penetrate the other geographic regions. To meet learning requirement we have initiated a new venture  through which an individual from any part of the world  can select and procure various innovative developments in textiles for self-learning.

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